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Integrity 10

Integrity 10 is a premium reaction station that allows the control of each cell completely independently of all other cells. It is a very time efficient way of conducting chemical experiments.

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This premium reaction station allows the control of each cell completely independently of all other cells. It is a very time efficient way of conducting chemical experiments, speeding up investigative chemistry by up to 10 fold.

It can be very useful for establishing the optimal reaction conditions of many industrial chemical processes and can also aid in pinpointing the cause of process malfunctions due to temperature.

Integrity 10 key features

  • Excellent temperature and stirring accuracy
  • Temperature range of -30°C to 150°C
  • Stirring range from 350rpm to 1200rpm
  • A range of glassware accessories for sample volumes from 1ml to 25ml
  • Storage capability to save methods and results
  • Experiment results can be saved internally or exported via USB
  • Optional PC software for increased functionality
  • Accessories for refl uxing/inerting and contents temperature control
  • Suitable for applications from synthesis to process optimisation and scale up

Flexibility & Accuracy

The Integrity 10 enables 10 experimental variants to be ran simultaneously within the same unit. Not only can a set temperature or stir rate be programmed but the Integrity 10 also allows the set up of temperature profiles which include parameters such as ramp rate, hold time and number of cycles.

Profiles can be stored on the units’ internal memory to allow faster set up times with subsequent use. Results can also be stored with information regarding the reaction composition, experiment owner, concentration and the name of the profile. All data is saved with a date stamp.

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
PS20000 Integrity 10 with 10 individually controlled cells, UK , US & EU power leads
ATS20100 Integrity 10 reflux/inerting unit
ATS20002 SVL 22 thread inerting caps for use with ATS20100
ATS10075 Glass tubes 24/ 150mm, SVL 22 thread pack of 10
ATS20003 Kimble thread inerting caps for use with ATS20100
ATS20004 Kimble thread 24/ 150mm glass tube compatible with ATS20003
ATS10055 Small volume test tubes 24 – 16mm taper ( 3ml ) x10
ATS10209 Small volume test tubes 24 – 11mm taper ( 1ml ) x10
ATS10056 Reducing sleeves for ATS10055 x10
ATS10101 Reducing sleeves for ATS10209
AZS4206 Stirrer bars 10/ 6mm, pack of 10
AZS4235 Stirrer bars 12/ 4.5mm, pack of 10
ATS10001 Multi-Temp 10 plug-in box
ATS10027 Temperature probe, pack of 6
ATS10027 / 10 Temperature probe, pack of 10
ATS11005 Integrity software
ATS10360 / 1 Non-Intrusive IR sensor, pack of 1
ATS10230 Small Intrusive IR probe in stainless steel PID-NIR5-BNSD, pack of 1
ATS10394 / 1 Large Intrusive IR and NIR probe pack of 1



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