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ITEX Dynamic Headspace

ITEX Dynamic Headspace is a powerful sample enrichment for gascromatography.

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ITEX (In-tube extraction) Dynamic Headspace Tool

Purge & Trap (P&T) sensitivity without the pitfalls of P&T Systems

  • Rapid and efficient enrichment of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • In-tube extraction and thermal desorption using industry standard adsorbents
  • Syringe-only concept: no sample loops, transfer lines, or switching valves that could be contaminated
  • Active cooling allows for rapid sample preparation and short cycle times
  • No modifications of the GC injector needed
  • PAL Robotic Tool Change enables head space, SPME and ITEX-sampling within the same sequence on one system

Typical application areas include:

  • Drinking and waste water
  • Food, additives, flavours
  • Chemical
  • Clinical


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