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The PAL LSI Liquid Sample Injection gives you reproducible results thanks to optimized injection handling.

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The PAL LSI Liquid Sample Injection gives you reproducible results thanks to optimized injection handling.

The PAL LSI is designed for the accurate and precise handling of liquid samples, can transport objects, like vials from and to any position within its working area. Is available with compact or standard x-axis length and can be upgraded if the need for more functionality or sample capacity arises.

PAL LSI: Robust and reliable sample handling

Only perfect injection handling gives reproducible results. The PAL LSI is designed for the precise and accurate handling of liquid samples of up to 100 μL in volume. In combination with the PAL Sample Control software all parameters of aspirating and dispensing of liquid samples can be fully controlled. This is crucial for perfect injections. A range of syringes from 1.2 μL to 100 μL is available. In the example below an aliquot of an internal standard is sandwiched between transport solvent and the sample. Air gaps in between the liquids preclude mixing of the different liquids. The accurate control of these steps is the basis of reproducible methods.

Pick and place

The PAL LSI is a robot that can reach any three dimensional position within its working space and is ideally suited to pick and place objects like vials. It can inject from several sample containers into different detectors or transport vials from a tray to a temperature controlled stack.

Flexibility – A wide range of optional modules:

  • Increased sample capacity
  • Temperature controlled
  • Washing Module
  • Vortex Mixer Module offers efficient mixing for dilution /extraction
  • Agitator Module provides 6 positions for 20 mL vials for incubation and agitation
  • Barcode Reader Module to ensure highest process safety and traceability
  • Valve Drive Module allows different injection or switching valves

PAL Sample Control Software:

  • Easy to use routine software that allows creation or import of sample lists to be done with a few clicks and with one more click sample preparation and data acquisition are started.
  • Productivity. PAL Sample Control optimizes productivity by overlapping individual steps. In many cases runtimes of sequences can be cut to 1/3 or less compared to a sequential procedure.
  • Powerful Method Editor. A powerful yet easy to use tool to generate custom methods is included.


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